What is einvoice

  • Koo Jin Young
  • 24/06/2019
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Invoice is a document containing purchase and sale information made and recorded by the seller. According to Decree No. 51/2010 / ND-CP of the Government dated 14-5-2010. Regulations on invoices for selling goods and providing services; Invoices are presented in forms including self-printed invoices, pre-printed invoices and electronic invoices.

And also according to Circular No. 32/2011 / TT-BTC dated 14/3/2011 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the creation, issuance and use of electronic invoices for selling goods. Providing services, from May 1, 2011, units and businesses can use electronic invoices. So what is e-invoices? They have benefits and how to use electronic bill should have what conditions?

Learn about e-invoices

Electronic invoicing is a collection of electronic data messages on selling goods, providing services, is initialized, set, send, receive, store. And managed by electronic means, especially e-invoices must be generated, drawn up, processed on the computer system of the organization that has been issued with tax identification numbers when selling goods and services and stored. on the computer of the parties under the provisions of the law on electronic transactions..

Hóa đơn điện tử

On an e-invoice, there are contents such as:

  • Name of invoice, symbol of invoice, symbol of model, number of invoice; Invoice symbols, model symbols and ordinal numbers on invoices comply with the provisions in Appendix 1 of the Finance Ministry’s Circular No. 153/2010 / TT-BTC.
  • Full name of seller, address of seller, seller’s tax identification number;
  • Buyer’s name, address, tax code;
  • Names of goods and services; unit of calculation, quantity and unit price of goods and services; amount inscribed in numbers and words. For a value-added invoice, in addition to the line of unit price which is the price without value added tax, there must be a line of value added tax, value added tax, total payable amount inscribed in figures and in words.
  • Electronic signature in accordance with the law of the seller; date, month of making and sending invoice. Electronic signature in accordance with the law of the buyer in case the buyer is an accounting unit …

The practical benefits of electronic invoices

Electronic invoicing provides many benefits to users:

  • Reduce costs of printing, sending, preserving, storing,
  • Exploiting invoices, convenient for accounting,
  • Business administration, data collation;
  • Via electronic means, transaction time will be shortened..

E-invoices contribute to modernizing corporate governance as well as helping to protect the environment.

The necessary and sufficient conditions to create and use e-invoices

Being a qualified economic organization and doing electronic transactions in tax declaration with tax authorities; or is an economic organization that uses electronic transactions in banking activities.

– There are places, the road information transmission, information networks; communication equipment to meet the requirements of exploiting, controlling, processing, using, preserving and storing e-invoices.

– Have electronic signatures in accordance with the law.

– Have software for selling goods and services connected to accounting software. Assurance of data of electronic invoices for selling goods. Service delivery is automatically transferred into the software. (or database) accounting at the time of billing.

– There are data backup and data recovery processes. Data storage to meet the minimum requirements for the quality of storage include:

  • Data storage system must meet or be shown to be compatible with data storage system standards;
  • There is a process to back up and restore data when the system crashes. Be sure to back up e-invoice data to private media or back up all data online.

Accordingly, if the units and enterprises meet the conditions for creating e-invoices, they are allowed to create e-invoices for use

The units and enterprises shall comply with the notice of e-invoice issuance under the provisions of Circular 32/2011 / TT-BTC

Which company provides E-invoicesoftware?

E-invoice software AM-Invoice is a specialized solution for creating and issuing electronic invoices. And the invoice management appraised by the General Department of Taxation meets the using standards with outstanding featurest:

  • Save time, costs and complexity are not stored
  • Fast conversion time from paper invoice to AM-Invoice
  • Create invoice templates and invoice issuance
  • Enterprises can design their own invoice template
  • Unlimited number of invoices
  • Support the implementation of operations related to invoice software:
    • Invoicing, adjustment, replacement, deletion, discount adjustment
  • System portfolio helps customers link the user can choose quickly; It’s also easy to create information for new customers
  • Digitally sign an entire list of invoices. Handy signing port feature, one digital signature can be used for many machines
  • Manage sending and sending invoices to customers via email

There are also many outstanding features like.

  • Look up, download and print e-invoices on website amnote.com.vn
  • Look up link design, download invoices on customers’ own website
  • Report on the invoice situation by month, quarter
  • Integration with AMnote accounting software creates a closed system
  • Converting to E-invoice with authentication code (if any)
  • Decentralized security mode for each employee
  • Automatically update new version when there is a change
  • Simple installation, easy to use and convenient
  • Software is multi-language (English, Korean, Vietnamese)

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